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Minefaire (Oaks, PA) Wrap Up!

Erik (11 years old) and I spent the weekend "working" at Minefaire! Make sure you click the links above to check out the fun! We spent the majority of our time helping out at the VR Booth. They had Samsung VR goggles running the OcularVR application. The Minecraft PE edition was loaded on the Samsung 7/8 phones attached to the goggles, and each had a bluetooth xbox-style controller attached. Once you put on the goggles, you could switch between "chalkboard" mode and immersion mode. You could literally look around the entire Minecraft world that was created. You had access to all the same functions as the console version of the game, but you were literally playing INSIDE THE GAME! Everyone loved it!

In addition to that, we found a very cool site called that hosted Minecraft battles. They had some servers set up for people to game on. There was also an awesome Battle Stage where kids and adults did Battle Builds in various Minecraft Worlds that were hosted live by famous Youtubers. Erik was able to get some swag with autographs that made his weekend, and I wore a very cool flex-fit "Creeper" baseball cap.

There were Diamond Stage costume contests and dance parties. There were autograph signings from Youtubers and other Minecraft celebrities, and a ton of fun at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) booth where kids could learn about, and even break, rocks and minerals. There were lego displays, things to buy, walking Creeper and Steve mascots, food and fun! Check out for future dates!

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